Wellbeing is his vocation and property development is his passion.


For nearly thirty years, Stéphane Lelong has had a dual field of activity. He is:

  • firstly a developer and client representative,
  • secondly an innovator and developer of hotel projects.


He has designed and built many buildings and Hotels & Resorts. He created and directly managed a group of boutique hotels and resorts and a set of boutique-villas.


He has assembled around him a multidisciplinary and international team of professionals that operates according to the nature of the projects entrusted to him.


A visionary in wellbeing and development of places of wellness, Stéphane Lelong imagines tomorrow's hotel industry. He has a vision of the evolution of the hotel and it brings you answers to this and future profitability. He can see your project with his eye. He knows to answer questions so you do not need to ask them again.


Inspirer of new hotel developments, he is at the forefront of Health Resorts. Wellbeing to revolutionise hotels. He wrote the Manifesto of the Health Resort. He develops his vision of a new concept of hotels across the service.


Inventor of a global concept, Cyberholistique®, he orientates the design, construction and management of new places to the service of the wellbeing and the vitality of the person. This original concept has already attracted a clientele interested in increasing their wellbeing and vitality, and respecting the environment. He therefore allows you:

  • to create customised sites totally dedicated to the wellbeing of your customers,
  • to increase your attractiveness, your turnover and profitability.


His vision of the future profitability of the hotel business led him to create general wellbeing HolFel® stays. These stays, programmes and services tailored to the needs of your various clients are specially designed for hospitality professionals to develop your customers' wellbeing and to increase your profitability goals.


To complete the ensemble, he created the ISL which realises for you tailor-made training and specific support to develop profitability, performance and excellence of your institutions.


Stéphane Lelong and his team have built a range of services from project design to training to bring the professional response best suited to each of your requirements.